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Ever wish you had
more customers?

Prompt your customers to come visit you with instant limited offers delivered on their phone.

It’s that EASY!

Generate Same Day Profits
Using Mobile Offers

The secret to growing your business is getting your customers to return more often. Qwikon makes it quick and easy to fill in slower periods by reaching your customers anytime, anywhere, with a special offers, messages or coupons that prompt them to come see you, sometimes even in minutes.

  • Current response record is 3 minutes from clicking send to a customer
    walking in the door.

Quick results, 97% of text messages are read in six minutes. Nothing else comes close for prompting customers to come see you when you want. Our built in limitations tool gives you control over how many and for how long increasing demand and the need to act quickly.

National brands like Macy's, Target and Starbucks set customer expectations delivering mobile coupons to prompt more customer visits. Now you can have your own mobile marketing program that is optimized for your local market and beat the big guys at their own game.

Qwikon was created with you in mind, understanding you have a million things to manage. It takes 1 minute to create and send a special offer or message that drives SAME DAY response rates from 5% to over 40% resulting in hundreds or thousands of dollars in profitable added revenue.

Rewarding for YOU and Your CUSTOMERS!

  • Generate incremental revenue when needed
  • No Apps required
  • Reach 100% of your customers.
    Works on EVERY mobile phone (smart phone not required)
  • Easy opt-in with a text or phone call perfect for non-tech savvy customers

No Sharing Required Qwikon provides you with your own unique number vs. the other guys that make you share a number. This number also works as a standard phone number for your customers to reach you.

The choice is simple - Qwikon. We are here to serve you, we measure our success in your success. You've got nothing to lose with our Free Trial and 3X Guarantee. Get Started Today. We look forward to helping you grow your business.

Don't take our word for it. Check out what our customers are saying...

I love Qwikon! It was extremely simple to set up and put into action.
— Beverley, O'Neill's Wetsuits General Manager, Retail Division

Anytime I'm having a slower day, I send a special offer that brings in more customers sometimes even in minutes.
— Derek, Eastside Eatery

Total time from list set up to getting sales was about 4 hours.
— Bill, Q5 Labs

We generate at least $1000 in added revenue every time we send a Qwikon.
— Andria, Hula's Tiki Bar & Grill

We had an 80% response generating almost $9000 in one day from one of our offers!
— David, Granny P's

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