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Our mission it to help you grow your business, both using our tools as well as sharing information, insights, tips & tricks, and links to other helpful information or tool providers.

Qwikon Resources

  • Why Text Marketing A short guide to the advantages of Text Marketing with examples for different kinds of businesses.(This is a PDF file)

  • QwikStart for Employees One page introduction and overview for your front line employees so they can help grow your subscriber list and assist your customers with any questions.(This is a PDF file)

  • Suggested Facebook & Email Messages to Get Started Sample messages for posting on Facebook or sending to your e-mail list to inform your customers about your new Qwikon program.

  • Post Qwikons to Facebook A short guide help you set up your account to automatically post Qwikons to your Facebook page. Once connected all you do it click the Post to Facebook checkbox when sending a Qwikon.(This is a PDF file)

Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure to use our automatic notifications and reports capabilities found on Manage My Preferences Page

  • Be sure to inform your customer what they are signing up for, tell them what to expect, you will receive 1 message or special offer a week, or no more than 8 per month or however you want to state it. We recommend 1 per week to start. People expect and want to receive something from you, that's why they signed up, so don't leave them waiting and wondering if maybe you don't like them.

  • Don't use quotations around your list name. They can be confusing, Do I enter the " or not? Make it easy. Do this; Text JOIN to 555-444-3333. Not this; Text "Join" to 555-444-333. With Qwikon, your list name is not capital sensitive so either works. You can even use numbers as a list name.
  • Speaking of numbers - Use a date 704 as a way to build a list for a specific event. Can you guess which event that list name might be used for? Great Job! Our customers are so smart.

  • Use Offer Limits Strategically - If you use a redemption limit consider if you really need a date limit. If you use a date limit, think about making the time frame long enough for your customers to react and take advantage of your offer.

  • If you are trying to optimize for a specific time period or item, consider making an offer your customers can't refuse, but use the limits to control your exposure. Think about what you might get excited about. 10% off is a nice incentive, but it won't get people talking. However, buy one get one free will get people headed your way.
  • Try different offers and keep track of which work better than others. We've been told that Buy one Get one has better response rates than 50% off, but they are pretty much the same thing. We'd love to hear from you about your experience.

  • Use the Send Qty capability to have a daily, weekly or monthly drawing and offer a exciting offer. To make your award, simply create a new Qwikon with the language about what they have won, any terms and then set the Send Qty to 1. You can even schedule this to go out automatically using our schedule feature so you don't even have to remember to send it. An example message could be: Congratulations - You've won our monthly drawing. Please show this message for our complimentary dinner for two. Make sure to tell your friends you won!

  • Keep track of your daily subscriptions and share this with your staff. What gets measured and reported improves. Set goals with your staff to add 10 new customers to your list each week. With just a little effort you should be able to exceed that goal. Don't forget to reward your employees too for helping you grow your list.

  • Group Incentive - Bring in 3 friends and get 25% off your check, or Send offers that incorporate a friend, Bring a friend and buy one get your friends for 1/2 off. This will prompt your customers to bring a friend.

  • If you have a number of employees you would like to reach anywhere anytime... set up a list only for employees and request they join it. This way you can send a message instantly to fill a gap if someone is a no show.

  • Mobile Business Card - Set up a responder with your name "Brooks" for our example. Then add your contact information in the response field;

    Brooks Lambert
    Qwikon, Inc.

    That's just an example. If you want to see it in action, text BROOKS to 831-325-0621

  • You can also use Autoresponders as Text for Information. Think about it you can have SPECIALS, LOCATION, HOURS, etc. Feel free to try each of these by texting the word to 831-325-0621. We'd love to hear about any ideas you come up with for this cool capability.

  • Provide an incentive to join your program. Think, give something to get something. This can be something immediately, Join now to receive an immediate use coupon. 10% off your purchase or your next purchase to prompt them to return soon. Kind of like Costco sends coupons that aren't valid until a point in the future. Another offer could be "Sign up and get $2 off your order today and be entered into our monthly drawing for X" This has a smaller value today, with the option to win something bigger in the future, builds excitement. Then when you have a winner, you can publish that on your FB, Website, in Store, and send a text saying who won... all of which will get people talking and build demand for more subscriptions to your list.

  • Don't think about your mobile list as a separate/independent part of your business. You have many customers and each has their preferences, concerns, hot buttons etc. Text marketing is one tool, (a very powerful tool for both you and your customer) but remember that some customers don't want to share any information due to concerns about being inundated with irrelevant messages. To be even more direct, some customers don't like to be SOLD to, and may see this another way to SELL to them. This is an important fact, most people don't like to be sold to, some are just more tolerant to the process. Demonstrate that you only want to serve your customer to the best of your ability, ask them questions about how you can make them feel like your very best customer. Isn't that what we all want, to be valued and treated fairly with a level of respect and appreciation? Your text marketing program gives you a great medium to deliver special offers or announcements geared for your very best customers. See the 80/20 post about creating a WOW experience for of your best customers and you will grow your business.
  • Mobile Marketing Association is the premier global non-profit trade association representing all players in the mobile marketing value chain. With more than 700 member companies, the MMA is an action-oriented organization with global focus, regional actions and local relevance. The MMA's primary focus is to establish mobile as an indispensible part of the marketing mix. The MMA works to promote, educate, measure, guide and protect the mobile marketing industry worldwide.

  • Mobile Marketer Mobile Marketer is the leading news publication covering mobile marketing, media and commerce. Its goal is to help readers and marketers understand how the mobile channel can be used alone or in conjunction with other channels for branding and customer acquisition and retention purposes.

  • CTIA-The Wireless Association® is an international nonprofit membership organization that has represented the wireless communications industry since 1984. Membership in the association includes wireless carriers and their suppliers, as well as providers and manufacturers of wireless data services and products.

  • Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group The purpose of MAAWG is to bring the messaging industry together to work collaboratively and to successfully address the various forms of messaging abuse, such as spam, viruses, denial-of-service attacks and other messaging exploitations. To accomplish this, MAAWG develops initiatives in the three areas necessary to resolve the messaging abuse problem: industry collaboration, technology, and public policy.

  • Mobile Quick Facts from CITA Current data on the number of mobile phones, usage and more. There are over 300M mobile phones in the USA. Over 25% of households are now mobile only, meaning they do not have a land line anymore. 1.96 Billion text messages are sent every month!

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